At it's heart, Morning Ceramics Studio is a community ceramic space aimed at supporting and growing Portland’s humming ceramics scene. Among shared space and equipment, members can explore, develop, and grow together in a comfortable, active environment.


Community Membership

Memberships are designed for ceramic artists working independently in the studio and looking for more time and space to develop their skills.

Members have access to all communal equipment, tools, and materials during 70 hours of open studio time.

All members will have 2 shelf cubbies to store their clay, tools & projects.


Day Pass: $35

Monthly Membership: $190/m

3 Month Membership: $540 ($180/m)

6 Month Membership: $1020 ($170/m)

12 Month Membership: $1980 ($165/m)

If you're interested in joining our community, drop us an email or head over to our contact page to schedule a tour.


Studio Hours

Nobody's schedule is exactly the same so we offer over 65 hours of open studio time to cater for as many different work-life balances as possible:

Holiday Hours:

Upcoming closures and changes to hours during holidays will be listed here.


The Studio

Morning is located in the Buckman area of SE Portland in a 2500 sq.ft space complete with a large bay door, community kitchenette, restroom, and commercial sink.



We want our members to be able to get going right away when they come to the studio. To help the creativity flow we have a comprehensive offering of tools and equipment ready for use.

Offerings include multiple potters wheels and handbuilding tables, clay extruder, slab roller, designated light & dark plaster wedging tables, and a glaze station stocked with a selection of community glazes.

Our three Skutt 1227 kilns (named George, Mildred, and Dad Jr.) are fired regularly by the studio at $.02/cubic inch for bisque (glaze firing included).


Private Spaces

Our private spaces are designed for dedicated ceramic artists that need a little more privacy and space to move around. Residents enjoy 24 hour keyed access to their personal studio as well as all community areas, tools, and equipment.


Prices vary depending on the size of the space and provided amenities. To inquire, please shoot an email to or head on over to our contact page.