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  • I'm new to clay. How can I get involved at the studio?
    We have a number of classes and workshops available that are designed specifically for beginners to get them acquainted with the techniques, tools, and equipment used in ceramics. Once you have a good understanding of the process and how to work safely in the studio, our monthly membership offers access to all the studio amenities so you can continue to practice your skills!

  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    We do! You can find more information about how those work by clicking here.

  • Do you have any work trade opportunities?
    We are not offering any work trade opportunities currently. Please check out our Jobs & Opportunities page for current job openings.

  • Do you have any wheels to rent?
    Not currently, but if we do in the future you'll be able to find all the information here on the website.


  • I'm interested in the studio membership. How do I get started?
    The first step is to book a studio tour by clicking here. Bring along all of your questions and let us know what your goals are at the studio. A member of staff will be on hand to go through everything with you during your tour.

  • Is there a limit on how many hours I can use the studio?
    Nope! Membership provides 24/7 studio access. The only exception is on Sundays from 6pm to 9pm when the studio is broken down for floor cleaning.

  • Do you sell clay?
    We do! We have 9 different clay bodies available at the studio which are available for members using our self-serve clay area.

  • Is firing included in the membership?
    Firing is charged separately at 2c per cubic inch, per piece. This includes the bisque firing and first glaze firing. Second glaze firings, lusters, etc., are charged at 1c per cubic inch. Firing fees and clay are added to your invoice at the end of each month.

  • I really love working with <insert cool clay name> and <insert awesome glaze>, am I allowed to use that in the studio?
    Absolutely. As long as the clay and glaze you are using are safe for our Cone 6 community firings, you're welcome to use what you like. That being said, if it's your first time using a clay/glaze - we very much encourage you to make some test tiles to avoid any disasters!

  • Are your glazes food safe?
    Yes! All of our current house glazes are food safe.

  • Can I bring a guest to work with me at the studio?
    Any guests working in the studio need to be checked in on a Guest Pass. Please shoot us an email ahead of time to get scheduled. Visitors who are not working in the studio are welcome, but please be conscious of the number of other people in the space, especially on busy days. 


  • It looks like classes are full. Will you be offering <insert class name> again?
    Almost certainly! We run our 8-week classes back to back throughout the year and release class dates and info on which classes are coming following the same 8 week schedule. Our mailing list is always the best place to hear about new rounds of classes and workshops!

  • I don't know which class is right for me. What do you suggest?
    We include a little guide to each type of class at the top of our classes page, but in general our Intro classes are geared towards complete beginners or folks who haven't touched clay in a while. Mixed-Level classes are for those who have taken an intro class recently and are looking to push themselves and develop some new skills. Intermediate is for those feeling comfortable and confident with the basics, but not yet an expert. These are usually project based and students are encouraged to bring their own goals to the class.

  • I can no longer make my class/workshop. What should I do?
    If you're unable to make a class/workshop, please email us a soon as possible so that we can try to fill your spot. We are unable to offer refunds, transfers, or exchanges, within 7 days of the start of a workshop or class for any reason. Any refunds issued are subject to a 5% processing fee.

  • Is there an age limit for classes/workshops?
    Unless otherwise stated, all classes and workshops are 18+. 

  • I can't make it to one of my class days. Can I make the session up some other time?
    Unfortunately due to the difficulty of scheduling, and the limitations on studio space and instructor time, we are unable to offer make up sessions. If you know you will be missing a class, please communicate with your instructor ahead of time to make a plan to stay on track with deadlines and class progression.

  • I can't make the open studio hours. Can I come in at a different time to work?
    Open studio hours are available from 10am to 5pm, Wednesday through Sunday. We are not able to offer open studio access outside of these hours.

  • Can my friend come to open studio with me?
    Open studio is for currently enrolled students only.

  • I just finished up a workshop. When will my piece(s) be ready?
    Workshop pieces are usually ready to pick up 4 to 6 weeks after the date of your workshop. We will email you as soon as they are out of their final firing, and let you know the deadline for when to pick them up. 



  • Sounds great! How does it work?
    Simply bring your work in a box or container with your full name and email address on it. We'll take of the rest!

  • What temps do you fire to?
    We Bisque at ^04 and Glaze at ^6. We also fire a Luster and a Mother of Pearl kiln once a month.

  • I'm bringing in my work to fire today, when will it be ready to pick up?
    We load our kilns as soon as there is enough work to fill them and fire up to 13 times a week. Once your work has been loaded, you'll be sent an invoice (either that night or the morning after) which lets you know how much you owe for the firing and that your pieces are in the kiln. Work is unloaded and ready to pick up 3 days later.

  • I like to glaze my greenware and do a single firing, is that cool?
    Unfortunately we are not able to offer straight-to-glaze firings in our kilns.

  • I have an entire kiln's worth of work to fire. Can I reserve my own kiln?
    Totally! Please shoot us an email as early as possible so that we can figure out a time that works best for your deadlines and our kiln schedule.

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