Are you interested in learning how to throw on a potter's wheel? Or simply want to brush up on your skills? Need a new hobby to delve into after work?

Our six week evening class will introduce you to the various techniques and approaches to wheel throwing, including centering, pulling, trimming, surface decoration & glazing.

Class members will also have access to additional uninstructed studio time during open studio hours on Thursdays or Fridays.



Have you ever wanted to get your hands dirty and create something unique? Are you interested in learning how to sculpt and craft in clay?

Our six week handbuilding course will teach you the fundamentals of pinching, coil and slab as you work through a variety of different projects - sculpting, building, decorating and glazing your very own ceramic pieces.


Class members will also have access to additional uninstructed studio time during open studio hours on Thursdays or Fridays.


Wood Firing Workshop with East Creek

Beat the winter blues by making pots with Joe Robinson of East Creek in January!

We'll start with a 2 day making workshop on January 25-26, 2020 here at Morning Ceramics Studio.


Joe has an MFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft and has been working with clay for 20 years. He owns the 20 acre East Creek forest art studio and retreat just outside of Willamina, OR. He also teaches Art at Linfield College. Joe will lead a discussion and overview about the wood firing process, will show some work from the kiln and firing considerations, and share a series of making demos to get you ready to fire. He'll also share info about the raku and pit firing processes, and how to best prepare your pieces for success. You'll have over a month to make work and get ready to fire.




Wood Firing Workshop with East Creek

Handbuilding Workshop

With Lindsay Anne Watson

Curious to get your hands into some clay? Sculpt, pinch, coil, and decorate a few of your very own pieces in this three-hour handbuilding workshop led by Lindsay Anne Watson.
Perfect for a hands-on date or chill weekend outing, this no-experience-needed workshop will run from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, February 1. 


All clay, tools, and firings will be provided by the studio. Due to the drying times involved with having your pieces safely go through the kilns, please note that items will be available for pick up 3-4 weeks following the workshop.

Attachments & Production Technical Workshop:

Can you HANDLE This?

You’ve got the shape down & the perfect handle to match. But attaching that bad boy is always a bit iffy. Join us in this technical workshop and to really nail those basics to produce some solid pieces. 


Learn how to increase the strength of your attachments. Explore pulling, rolling, and extruding different styles of handles. Then, optimize your production flow to do more in less time.

We are stoked to have this workshop lead by Twig Cosby of TwigMakes. Twig currently lives in Portland, working full-time on their own practice and as a studio assistant for Mary Carroll. 

Because, while a little crack never hurt anyone, I think we can all agree that when it comes to handle attachments - the less crack the better.

This workshop takes place on February 9th from 10am to 1230pm.

Students will have hands-on opportunity, but should not expect to make any items to keep.  Materials will be provided by the studio, but please bring along all of your questions as well as pen & paper for notes!